Inadmissibility refers to the people who are not allowed to enter or stay in Canada because of certain reasons. In some of such cases, Canadian government gives opportunities for appeals to overcome inadmissibility.

Sponsorship Appeals

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) may refuse applications for permanent residence of your sponsored family member for many reasons. In such cases, we provide complete assistance in sponsorship appeals for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents. Our experienced and specialized lawyers will carefully assess your immigration application refusal, help you resolve the issues, and make sure that your sponsorship application will be successful.

Removal Appeals

If the authorities found a Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or Protected Person as to be inadmissible to Canada, they may issue removal order against them. In the case of Permanent Residents, they may be able to submit a removal order appeal at the Immigration Appeal Division within the required timeline. Our legal team provides expert assistance in removal appeals and help the persons successfully resolve the issues.

Authorization to Return to Canada

Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) is needed if you have been the subject of removal order and want to return. There are three types of removal orders: (1) Departure Order, (2) Exclusion Order, and (3) Deportation Order. Whether you need ARC depends on which type of them you received. We also provide services for properly filing Authorization to Return to Canada and successfully acquiring it.

Restoration Restoration refers to the procedure to restore the expired status of a Temporary Resident to study or work. The application for restoration should be submitted within 90 days of the expiry date. You are allowed to stay in Canada during this period but not to work or study. We offer complete assistance for successful restoration of the status.